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Craigslist Ad Pushes Pot Growing Greenhouse as Selling Point for WA Home

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by copythat

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When all else fails, turn to drugs. If you need a new angle to sell your home, one Craigslist user apparently has the answer: tout your Washington property as the perfect house for selling pot.

A Craigslist ad for a North Bend, Washington, house pushes prime features -- like a greenhouse that's perfect for growing marijuana. No physical address is listed but the advertisement says it's "great for running your own business."

The owners have an asking price of $4,000 per month to rent the home, or half a million to start a short sale for the 6.5 acre property. The greenhouse gets special reference multiple times -- apparently viewed as a prime selling point. "Green house is set up for specially growing Marijuana, flowers, veggies" and says: "With the legal 45 plants at a time, you can easily grow over $125,000 in crop per summer and take the winters off or grow indoors during the winter."

It seems woodworking is a great second stream of income -- the Craigslist ad also touting a workshop "with several offices and rooms set up to start plants and wood working," for two simultaneous careers.

Craigslist has now stripped the ad. We checked on the ad's claim to legally grow 45 plants for medicinal purposes. The King County sheriff's office says there is no magical number for how many plants a person can grow.

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