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When Men Need a Dick Chopp One Vasectomy Doctor Proves Man for the Job

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by editor

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He's probably the smartest businessman around even though he's technically a doctor by trade. Dr. Dick Chopp performs vasectomies. And he may be one of the few doctors patients actually refer to by both first and last name.

Of course there's no 'chop' technically involved in the surgery. It's more of a snip. But, heck, that's not the point. Men feel like there is. And, as far as names go, it just doesn't get better.

Technically his name is Richard. He goes by 'Dick': "My patients call me Dick Chopp. They say, 'How did you get that name?' 'I say, 'It's mainly divine intervention." It's kind of like the ultimate Scrabble or Words with Friends find -- like ending up with a 'Z', finding a word that happens to throw that tile on a Triple Letter and hitting a Triple Word space on top of it all. There's no bigger score, and Dick Chopp's making the most of it.

Dick Chopp says: "It's always been fun for me. Everybody wishes they had my name." Well, at least fifty percent of the population probably isn't wishing for the name. Any woman named 'Dick' would probably be standing in line at the age of five, for that formal change. And there's probably a lot of men who wouldn't prefer 'Dick' either -- but that may just be because of bad childhood experiences. Whatever the case, Dick Chopp's made the name work for him.

Surgeons like to show off their work. His work may not be apparent but Dick Chopp's no different. Lucky patients get a t-shirt at day's end -- the adult version of a lollipop for vasectomy patients. The back reads: "I was 'chopped' at the Urology Team."

Certain shirts are destined for gym status. Some never make it that far.

No one can argue with Doctor Chopp's tagline: "There are more vasectomies to be done." Heck, there sure are. And who can avoid a urology doc actually located on Jollyville Road. For real.


Dr. Dick Chopp - Vasectomies
11410 Jollyville Rd
Austin, TX 78759
United States
Phone: 512-231-1444
30° 24' 46.7028" N, 97° 44' 51.9864" W
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