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Beautiful People Dating Web Site Boots 30,000 in Foul People or Ugly Hoax

June 20, 2011 10:52pm by hearit

In The News

Dating website Beautiful People claims to have booted 30,000 of its members who don't make the cut--not pretty enough or handsome enough for the site's standards. Stranger than the dump of what the site deems "ugly" members is its claim those people never should've been on its member list, and snuck in through a "Shrek" virus. Some call it a hoax and publicity stunt. Read more

Sleep Deprived Parents Make Go the F**k to Sleep Kids Book a Bestseller

June 14, 2011 10:49pm by copythis

In The News

Released today is a bedtime book to give parents a bit of peace in having kids: "Go the F**k to Sleep" is officially released June 14, with Amazon pre-sales numbering in the hundreds of thousands on the path of the soon-to-be bestseller. Read more

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Wife Poses as 17-Year-Old in Fake Facebook Account Says Husband Plans Murder

June 11, 2011 1:05am by hearit

In The News

Facebook has been used for all sorts of things other than "friends" -- including extracurricular activities like affairs. A nasty divorce takes an uglier turn when a spouse tries to dig up some dirt on her husband, only to find she believes he's gunning for her murder.

It's usually not a good thing when someone wants you dead -- particularly your spouse. Read more

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Carcass Boyfriend in Dead Weasel Assault

June 9, 2011 6:23pm by hearit

In The News

Assault and a dead marten: A guy carrying a dead weasel bursts into a Washington apartment to attack his girlfriend's ex. She was a guest at the ex-boyfriend's but not home for carcass delivery. Read more

Daughter Shoots Dad with Arrow Hunting Bow Over Cell Phone Use

May 26, 2011 2:13pm by hearit

In The News

Good thing there wasn’t a gun handy. Teenagers get upset when cell phones are taken away: dear, old dad got an arrow after suspending his daughter's mobile phone use. Read more

$9000 Roxxxy Robot Sex Doll Offers Anatomy Plus Personality

June 20, 2010 1:16am by underthesea

In The News

Roxxxy is a prototype robot sex doll who inventors claims is both anatomically correct and comes with a personality. The Roxxxy sex doll was unveiled at the 2010 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Read more

Awkward Family Photos and Angel Versus Devil Portrait

April 20, 2010 8:33pm by copythis

In The News

Great website devoted to life's awkward portrait moments captured for eternity: Awkward Family Photos. Read more