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Daughter Shoots Dad with Arrow Hunting Bow Over Cell Phone Use

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by hearit

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In The News

Good thing there wasn’t a gun handy. Teenagers get upset when cell phones are taken away: dear, old dad got an arrow after suspending his daughter's mobile phone use.

Perhaps he should’ve considered raising her in a more suburban area. The girl was apparently quite handy with a hunting bow. A man in the forested region of Tahuya, Washington was shot by his 15-year-old daughter after grounding her, then suspending mobile phone use.

After the bow-and-arrow action, the teenager was apparently still miffed over suspended phone privileges: the wounded man was forced to crawl to a neighbor’s house, in order to phone 911 – the girl refusing to let him use the phone after shooting him.

The man's been airlifted and is in serious condition, but alive. The teen’s been arrested surrounding investigation of first-degree assault.

The question of the day: who's the carrier that gets coverage in a highly-forested area?


Tahuya, WA 98588
United States
47° 24' 18.5328" N, 123° 3' 14.0184" W
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