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Wife Chops Off Penis Using 10 Inch Knife Tosses Member in Garbage Disposal

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by hearit

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The idea of chopping off a man's penis isn't new -- just ask Lorena Bobbitt. But cutting off that member and throwing into a garbage disposal is definitely a new and painful twist. Parts of that member are at UCI hospital in California, but surgeons probably won't be reattaching the pieces to create any future porn star like Bobbitt himself.

It seems the best way to successfully cut off a member might be to make a guy kind of sick beforehand. 48-year-old Catherine Kieu Becker is accused of poisoning her estranged husband, then chopping off his penis with a blade twice the size of the average member.

After cutting off the man's penis with a 10-inch kitchen knife, Becker allegedly tossed the body part into a kitchen garbage disposal at the Garden Grove, California, home. It was the first time police had ever been called to the residence -- but certainly an unforgettable visit for officers called to the scene.

There'd been no fighting or screaming prior in a call where emergency services received a phone call from Catherine Becker herself: "The suspect called 911 and told responding officers that he [Becker's severed husband] 'deserved it [a chopped-off penis],'" according to police. Arriving Garden Grove officers discovered a man tied to a bed and bleeding badly from the groin. The man told cops he'd been drugged -- through a dinner the woman had made him shortly before.

Allegedly his estranged wife had tied Becker to the bed after he made a fatal (for his member) mistake -- of falling asleep. The woman waited for him to wake. Apparently there was no decency in even performing the cutting while the man was still drugged. When waking, the female Becker reportedly grabbed his penis and simply cut it off with the 10-inch knife. Taking things one step further than even Lorena Bobbitt -- who physically drove her husband's penis to a remote field location before chucking it out the window -- Becker chucked her husband's into the disposal. Then she turned the appliance on, to grind away.

There's certainly no way her husband will ever be able to venture into the porn realm, like Bobbitt did after his extensive penis reattachment surgeries.

The 51-year-old guy is currently in serious physical condition at UC Irvine Medical Center in Orange, California -- and probably in concurrent serious mental condition. Fast-thinkers on the scene were able to gather pieces of the man's penis for transport to UCI. But it's very unclear whether even the world's best surgeons have even the most desperate of shots at reattaching those pieces dropped off at UCI.

It appears there's more than one reason to stay married: While couples normally argue over physical possessions, this guy lost a part of his physical self. The pair is still legally married but going through a divorce -- filed by Mr Becker less than two months ago on May 16.

A dinner, alone, was apparently a very bad call.


Garden Grove, CA
United States
33° 46' 26.058" N, 117° 56' 29.2128" W
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