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10 Things To Remove From Your Medicine Cabinet Before A Date

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by wombat

wombat's picture
In My Life

Sure, it’s not cool to go snooping through someone’s medicine cabinet when visiting a new lover’s house. But I have a sneaking suspicion those cabinet scans happen far more often than anyone wants to admit. Let's face it--you can learn a lot about a person. That said, here's a brief list of items you may want to move to the back of a bottom cabinet (or perhaps a closet) when having a date at your place for the evening. Or at least anyone you'd like to have return for a second date.
This does not include any list of coveted prescription drugs. Hey, hopefully you know who you're  having over - but you never know. Reasons for removing prescription medications are best related to the people you don't want to have back into your home again, an entirely different issue.
Please make gender product designations accordingly and feel free to COMMENT and ADD to this list. There have to be far more than ten - these are just to get the party started -
10 Things To Remove From Your Medicine Cabinet Before A Date:
1. FDS Feminine Deodorant Spray, supposedly for that not-so-fresh feeling. Yikes. This one could be a real deal-breaker.
2. Anusol Creams and suppositories, particularly the container with the long yellow insertion tube. It's a product that shouldn’t really be near your toothpaste anyway. Need I say more?
3. Gas-X
4. Valtrex-Herpes medication. This conversation should happen way before that invite to stay the night.
5. Any other STD Medications
6. Vagisil Feminine Itch cream
7. “HotShot” Extra-small condoms for young boys—ages 12 and up. It's bad if your adult-sized member is more '12' than 'up'.
8. Constipation medications and/or stool softeners.
9. Jock Itch Cream
10. Fleet Enemas
We know all know life happens. But it's better not to scare the crap  (see #8 and your closet) out of someone before that romance truly blossoms. C’mon people - clean out that medicine cabinet, and bring some sexy back.

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