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Barclay’s Bank Delaware Juniper Bank Credit Card Sucks

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by venusrising

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I had a Barclay’s Bank Delaware Juniper Credit Card for years, when the economy took a downturn my APR skyrocketed to 34.99%. I never had late payments and would have normally closed the card due to this fact but since new credit was not being issued during this time I decided to keep this piece of junk Barclay’s Bank Delaware Juniper Credit Card. I used it from time to time for small purchases and then had a 0 Balance. I went to log in to my Juniper Card and received a message that said due to security reasons your card is not available online. I then wondered what had occurred so I called Barclay’s Juniper Card them first thing in the morning. I reached a representative named Kathy that sounded like some uneducated hillbilly; she was rude and said my account had been closed in June for non usage. I said I had not received any letter regarding this potential issue nor email from Juniper Card even though I was signed up for Juniper Bank account online alerts. I asked her why I did not receive any notice via email or written correspondence and she said she didn’t think they did that Barclay’s juniper Card did that. She proceeded to tell me that it was the bank’s policy and I said I wanted to know where it stated that in the terms and again she said she didn’t think it was in “there.” I said it was ridiculous that I did not have the opportunity to close the account myself and that I wanted to talk to a supervisor, after her placing me on hold after telling me that they would tell me the same thing she came back and said that there was not supervisor available but I could give her my information and someone would call me back in 24-48 hrs. At this point I lost it and hung up. If you want a card that won’t rape you with interest rates and insult you by providing nearly illiterate customer service representatives stay far away from Barclay’s Bank Delaware Juniper Credit Card, You will find more enjoyment punching yourself in the face.

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