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Barber Shop Employee Robs Bank of America Takes Public Taxi to Work

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by hearit

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In The News

If you can rob a bank, you've got cash for cab fare home--or, at least, to work. The FBI has has busted a Miami man its says robbed Bank of America's Hallandale Beach branch while dressed in a suit and tie--then took a taxi to his job. His place of employment: A barber shop where, of course, no one was paying attention to what he was doing.
27-year-old Jeffrey Harrington is accused of robbing the Hallandale Beach Bank of America branch early in the week after which he was arrested, not surprisingly, just one day later.
The FBI claims Harrington handed the Hallandale bank teller a note--and some courtesy envelopes---to be filled with money. He allegedly told Bank of America bank's teller not to set off any alarm, as doing so would trigger an explosive device. As to what exactly that "explosive device" might be, Harrington didn't really mention. But the genius of an author included the warning: "Remember the money is insured. Don't be a hero." Bank of America employees gave him the cash but Harrington would've been far better off had bank tellers refused.
It wasn't too hard for FBI to track the fool who got into a public taxicab he had already waiting -- at the curb outside the South Florida B of A. No private taxi service for him. Perhaps that would've been too expensive. After getting into the cab, the robber didn't even bother having the taxi drop him in a surrounding neighborhood -- or opt to 'hoof it' partway, at least, to work.
Nope. Perhaps the laziest bank robber to date instead chose door-side delivery -- to a barbershop where he is (or was) employed. Once at work, Harrington also didn't seem to feel it was important to maintain a low profile or try to keep things -- like large wads of cash -- on the down-low: A co-worker reportedly saw Harrington at the barbershop, while he was allegedly putting a large amount of cash into a pants pocket.
To top off absolute stupidity, the fool additionally chose -- of all places -- a barbershop to shift things around in front of people. Because, of course, no one ever talks, is nosy, or is involved in anyone else's business at places like barbershops or hairdressers.
Maybe the biggest question in this scenario: of all the days in a calendar year, isn't that the day to call in "sick"?


Bank of America Branch: Hallandale - Florida (FL)
801 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard
Hallandale, FL 33009
United States
Phone: (954) 454-0989
25° 59' 11.0868" N, 80° 8' 23.6724" W
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