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FBI Investigates Brutal Police Baton Beating of Dallas Motorcyclist

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by hearit

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In The News

Dallas, Texas, police are seeking criminal charges against three white officers shown on video--severely beating a black motorcyclist in an incident with at least six cops. An officer on video is recorded saying, "Keep us [the car] going. I'm going to kick the shit out of him," after direct orders to stop the chase. The FBI is conducting a civil rights investigation in the horrific beating by white police officers and beaten black man.

Another officer is accused of tampering with evidence and turning a second video camera--mounted on the police car dashboard--at an angle facing away from the police abuse that was occurring. The stopped motorcyclist was brutally beaten by officers--in what the community and even the FBI are investigating as possibly racially motivated. The two officers shown on video as inflicting the most abuse are white, the suspect black.

The two cops in the lead chase car directly disobeyed orders, from superiors, to physically stop the vehicle chase. The night of September 5, 2010, the police car is shown blowing through multiple stop signs without slowing to check traffic, driving directly toward oncoming traffic of the opposite lane, and driving at high speeds into clearly marked 'Do Not Enter' areas.

Footage of the official police-issued video--discovered after an anonymous note--shows the police car's bumper tapping the motorcycle. When the police car hit the motorcycle, the motorcyclist was already at a stop.

Police Officer Randolph is shown on video while brutally beating motorcyclist Collins with a baton multiple times---and immediately after the officer exist the police car. Officer Bauer is shown using his fists and knee in the beating of Collins. Other videos of the police brutality incident have since been found but not released.

Dallas area Officer Randolph was already on probation--for separate incident--now fired from the squad this week. Police investigators say a recommendation will be issued on their behalf to the Dallas County district attorney that both officers Randolph and Bauer be charged with three criminal charges each: misdemeanor assault, official oppression and felony tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

The police force has placed three additional officers, Officer Jeremy James Francis, Officer Robert James Kamphouse and Officer Daniel Stephen Malouf, on restricted duty--the three cops are seen on a second video as having contact with motorcyclist Collins. Those police officers' actions are not clearly viewable because the dash-mounted police camera wasturned by a sixth police officer, Dallas Officer Henry Walter Duetsch.

Police want Duetsch legally charged with felony tampering or fabricating physical evidence, because of his tampering with the camera.

Motorcyclist Collins has had blood clots and pain related to the beating by police. Collins had initially been charged by police with three traffic warrants, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and possession of marijuana after his arrest. Dallas Police Chief Brown dropped the resisting arrest charge after viewing the official police videos.

"This won't be tolerated," Chief Brown says.

Big words from a police chief with at least six officers involved in a police brutality scene--where only one has been fired.

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