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Cop Dismisses Traffic Ticket for Pizzas and Fakes own Shooting

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by copythat

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As if bizarre payoffs aren't enough-a seemingly crooked New York state police officer pleaded guilty to official police misconduct for accepting three pizzas, yes pizzas, as payment when he dismissed a woman's traffic ticket citation in exchange for the pizza pies. Then, the former officer admitted to separately faking his own shooting as part of the pizza case plea deal.
The former New York state police officer admitted that he arrested a female driver for a suspended license in June 2009, accepted the pizzas as a payout, and dismissed the traffic ticket citation. It's unclear whether the woman was driving with the pizzas in the vehicle, at time of traffic citation issuance, for the exchange.
Either way, the former cop got some pizzas out of the deal-as what has to be one of the cheapest cop payouts of all time in having a ticket dismissed.
To add to bizarre, that same New York state cop now admits that he actually faked his own shooting. The officer's supposedreason for faking his own shooting is unclear. New York's Erie County District Attorney, Frank Sedita, says that former police officer Jason Miller confessed that he hung his bulletproof vest on a tree-and shot the bulletproof vest with a gun, two years ago.
The former part-time police officer was working in the western New York village of Gowanda, The former police officer's admission to faking his own shooting was part of last month's Court plea deal, related to the pizza pie case.
Must be some damn good pizzas.


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