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Police Officer Wins Vacation Pay for Time Spent Dressing

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by copythis

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A German police officer will now get an extra week off of work per year—following his demands that he should be paid for the 15 minutes per day that it takes him to dress for duty. Apparently Germany’s police force is now paying for a bad hiring call of 28 years ago.

Apparently Martin Schauder, now age 44, doesn’t believe the rest of the country--or world—invests time involved with getting dressed for work. And, it seems, Germany didn’t want to hear the “squeak” any longer—after Schauder’s 28 years with the police force.

The German police officer calculated exactly how much time it takes him to get dressed daily in an undershirt, overshirt, trousers, belt, handcuffs, weapon and gas canister, tunic, boots, hat and gloves, and protective kneepads (when on riot control)—the officer says it all takes 15 minutes each day, for time which the officer says he should be paid.

15 minutes seems a bit slow—even for government work.

The officer joined the police force at age 16 and has reportedly argued with superior officers for months, requesting time off work or pay increase—the police officer believes he should be compensated for what he says is 45 hours that he says he spends dressing for work per year.

The police department refused time off and pay demands--but Schauder won his argument by taking his case to an administrative court in Munster, north-west Germany.

And the U.S. thinks its courts are clogged—Germany’s now got a leg up.

Germany's Münstersche Zeitung media says officer Schauder told the court: "If my shift starts at 1 p.m., say, I'm expected to be completely fitted out by then, including my pistol, handcuffs and reserve weapon, otherwise I face being cautioned."

It’s unknown whether Schauder will be getting back payment for his 28 years with the police force—whether he’ll get vacation time of six months.

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