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Thieves Make Man Carry His Own Stolen Flat Screen Television

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by underthesea

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An Indianapolis guy moved his own flat screen television downstairs for robbers. Police officers received report that three armed men broke into a man's apartment through a patio door, to steal his stuff. Unfortunately for the theft victim, he also got to play moving crew for the robbery of his own goods. The robbers made the man help them move his own 32" flat-screen television down a flight of stairs, while they were stealing his TV.

A police report said 30-year-old Jason Geminden and his girlfriend were sleeping in an Indianapolis, Indiana, apartment when three masked robbers, carrying guns, woke the couple near 1:30 in the morning. The young couple was forced, by the armed robbers, to physically stay on the bed while the masked thieves ransacked the apartment to steal jewelry, electronics and car keys.

To wind up his experience, one of the thieves ordered Geminden to get up and help carry his own 32-inch TV downstairs. After, one of the robbery suspects told the couple they wouldn't be tied up because of their helpfulness.


United States
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