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Thief Steals Red Link Sausages Leaves Flat Screen TV

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by copythis

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In The News

Times are tough when a thief resorts to stealing food. Deputies say a pried door resulted in robbery of a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal, Red Link sausages, Sunbeam loaf bread, Country Crock spread, Velveeta cheese—and, to finish off a meal of champions--one roll of Pillsbury Grand biscuits.

Most interesting is what was left behind: Spartanburg County, South Carolina, sheriffs say that a 42-inch Vizio Flat-Screen TV remains in the home’s living room after the robbery--undisturbed. Either the 42” Vizio Flat Screen was unworthy—or the thief was aware that the TV would be highly visible in a different location, such as his or her own mobile home. The mobile home’s owner told deputies that the front door had been locked but pry marks were apparent—the pantry raided, kitchen cabinets left ajar.

Report says deputies spoke with a neighbor but that he could provide no leads--probably because he was too busy munching on some Red Link sausages.

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