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Cops Claim Man Having Alley Sex with Pink Raft is Crips Gang Member Ohio

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by editor

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Trysts usually involve people--but a guy in Ohio's gotten himself up a creek without a raft, or maybe specifically with an inflatable pool toy. A guy in Ohio's been busted for having not-so-traditional relations with a flotation device meant for a swimming pool. His grandma says he's got a fascination with plastic. Cops say he's been engaging in sexual conduct with a raft. Oh, and supposedly he's a Crips gang member. But maybe Hamilton police want to bone up on that theory--and take another look at the guy they claim belongs to a dangerous gang.
If you'd think it all went down in a pool, it'd at least make (somewhat) more sense but you'd be dead wrong.
Color does matter. Pink is way more exciting than blue, at least depending on whom you ask. And a back alley is apparently far more exciting than in a swimming pool -- where rafts tend to belong. Maybe the guy could claim, or believe, the raft was a prostitute if he took it to an alley. At least that would fit into the story line better, since prostitutes prefer those early 5 o'clock hours, about the morning time frame when Hamilton cops made the arrest.
Not exactly surprisingly, the 32-year-old Edwin Charles Tobergta, happens to have a bit of a record that includes history of public indecency in Ohio. Even in a back alley, Tobergta apparently wasn't too sly or on the down-low -- the scene witnessed by a tipster whom claims a tryst between the raft and its current property holder. While the public indecency may not be surprising, the lack of ownership is. There's an unwritten code between men: Never touch another man's woman -- or pool toy.
The swimming pool toy's true owner is reportedly not happy about how his raft was allegedly used, or by whom. It seems the raft wasn't even on loan between friends. The witness complained to police that the guy had taken off with the floating device, despite shouts and instructions to stop -- and drop that raft.
The complaining witness may have awhile to go before being able to wipe a startling image from memory: In a complaint to Hamilton police, the neighbor who saw Tobergta in the alley claims the guy was laying on top of the pink, inflatable floating device where he "appeared to be having sex with the raft." Yeah, it's gotten that bad -- where even inflatable sex dolls are considered the 'elite'. Laying down with the raft wasn't enough, the neighbor claiming he saw the guy with pants around his ankles.
Maybe startled by the foulness of it all, the alley witness told cops the guy got up off the raft to yank his pants up and leave. But not without that fine-looking raft: He allegedly picked up the pink flotation device and carted it along with him, walking back to his house with pool raft in hand. When cops grabbed him on Harmon Avenue, the sexual assaulter of inflatables hadn't even bothered to get rid of the evidence -- he'd ditched it for storage, but on his own property. It didn't help any argument against him being the perpetrator when officers found the pink raft that had been thrown over his neighbor's fence, adjacent to his own home.
What's a guy going to say when he's caught in the act? Apparently Tobergta admits to Hamilton police that he seems to have been involved with more than groping of the raft -- allegedly telling cops he's got a 'problem' and needs to seek help. The actual statement: Tobergta says he committed the sex act or crime "only because he has a problem and that he needs help and please don't send him to prison, but send him somewhere to get help." The real problem: Where do you send a guy who's sexually addicted to not only rubber or silicon toys, but an actual pool raft?
The Hamilton Court seems to be under the impression that Tobergta's been busted on similar situations about five times prior -- the current arrest making a lucky half-dozen. Previously required by the court to seek mental health services, it's unclear whether that ever occurred, or whom the government employee or case worker was in charge of overseeing that situation. Whatever occurred, it doesn't seem to have worked out so well. In addition to a love for all things plastic, the grandmother also claims Tobergta's got ADD -- a diagnosis that sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder will clearly love to hear associated with an issue they face on a daily basis, under very different circumstances.
This part may be the funniest, or maybe the most frightening considering the source: Hamilton police reportedly have identified Tobergta as affiliated with a gang -- supposedly the Crips. The man whom appears to have skipped shaving for 2 weeks, has a completely unkempt look that raises question as to where he even lives, the man who begs cops to get him mental help rather than send him to prison, and the man whose grandmother says has an adoration for plastic and suffers from ADD -- he's a gang member? That dangerous sexual assaulter of rafts.
So, let's get this straight: The guy whose previous legal charges center around public indecency, prefers pink pool rafts, and whom has to have his grandmother speak on his behalf is supposed to be some gang member with the Crips? The profile doesn't quite seem to be adding up -- perhaps the Hamilton PD might consider checking those records again, or even bother taking a simple glance at the tall and gangly guy who appears barely capable of taking care of himself let alone taking serious orders from someone else? Maybe they mixed him up with someone else.
But someone should seriously consider kicking down the nine grand and getting him off the street -- or at least out of the alleys -- with the $9,000 Roxxxy Robot Sex Doll that offers anatomy plus personality. He'd at least have less burns, and maybe better company, than with the raft.


Hamilton, OH
United States
39° 23' 58.2036" N, 84° 33' 40.8096" W
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