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Bike Thieves are the most despicable form of human beings.

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

Thieves are the most despicable form of human beings. I think Bike thieves may be one worse.
Our friendly Chevron gas station attendant has his bike ripped off from some low-life tonight moments before we entered our favorite Chevron Station in Brentwood, CA.
The thieves came in to use the bathroom as a pair and sped off on the attendants bike that was inside the store. What makes this story worse is that the attendant was borrowing his uncles bike so he could get to his next job since his car battery had been stolen out of his car at the very same location only days earlier.
We did our best to drive around with flashlights trying to locate his bike with no success.
I too had my bike stolen from inside a locked gated secured complex and it was even locked up with a high-grade lock.
Calling the police gets you little more than a request for a serial number that many people often have no record of. If you have a bike, copy down your serial number and keep it it a safe place. Sometimes Police will come upon large syndicates that steal and /or sell bikes. There was once such find in Los Angeles not too long ago and having your serial number is the only way to get your bike back if they do ever find it.
Looks like it is time for a reasonable and easy to use GPS to combat these scumbags.
Zoombak ZMBK346 Advanced GPS Universal Locator


Chevron Gas Station Brentwood, CA
United States
37° 55' 54.7248" N, 121° 41' 44.8296" W
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