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Woman Jailed for 911 Calls when Looking for Husband

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by underthesea

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In The News

A woman in Ohio spent three days in jail for calling 911 emergency by telephone-five times-apparently while trying to 'find' a husband. Not her own husband-a new one.
When the 911 dispatcher asked 57-year-old Audrey Scott "You need to get a husband?" The 57-year-old Scott responded, "Yes."
Told that she could face arrest for misusing 911, Scott responded, "Let's do it." Scott's intent is not clear, since she obviously wasn't going to be finding a husband in jail.
Apparently Ohio has less crowded jails than other states.
Scott was convicted of improper use of the 911 emergency system, sentenced to three days in jail, which she had already served after the arrest. Seven additional jail days were suspended-as long as Scott avoids a repeat performance.
After her release, Scott attributed the 911-based case on alcohol (not far removed from what many people hold to blame for their own legal cases). There is no phone listing for Scott, though word on the street is that 911 knows how to reach her.


United States
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