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$20,000 Medical Marijuana Robbed After Driver Gets Fake Clinic Delivery Address

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by copythat

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In The News

It's one of the more 'perfect' crimes: A medical marijuana delivery guy is robbed of $20,000 worth of pot in Fullerton, California, after driving all the way from northern California. Cops are calling it the equivalent of "calling for Domino's and robbing the pizza [delivery] guy." It's ingenious, really--to set up a fake drop-off point for a dispensary.
The Oakland driver was apparently unfamiliar with the Southern California area -- and the fact that no medical marijuana dispensary exists at the provided address in Fullerton. After arriving at an industrial complex and building with a painted, green cross -- the international symbol for the drop-off point for marijuana deliveries -- the driver was jumped by three guys. Apparently a can of spray paint is cheap. Especially when you've now got twenty grand worth of pot to sell.
That green cross wasn't painted by any pot clinic owners, or anyone hired by a dispensary. It was the quick artwork of robbers who had created a very detailed plan, successfully pulled off in one of the biggest hijacks seen yet.
The robbers would've had double the amount -- $40,000 worth of marijuana -- had half of it not gotten wasted, scattered on the ground. But thieves probably aren't worrying too much, after managing to make off with nine pounds of medical-grade ganja -- along with the delivery driver's cell phone.


Fullerton, CA
United States
33° 52' 13.0512" N, 117° 55' 31.2168" W
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