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Amanda Knox Murder Charge Overturned Found Guilty of Slander Instead

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by venusrising

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Amanda Knox has finally had her Murder conviction overturned in an Italian Court. Amanda Knox however has been convicted of slander for accusing club owner Patrick Lumumba of murdering Merdith Kercher. The judge released her on the 3 year slander conviction as time served; Amanda Knox has been in an Italian prison for four years. Amanda Knox was given the maximum sentence on the slander charge which could could have been as 3 months and in most cases in the United States the conviction of Slander would hold a maximum sentence of 1 one year in prison.
We are so lucky to live in a modern time when DNA evidence can clarify guilt and trump the error of human emotion.
Perugia, is the gorgeous capital city in the Umbria region of Italy but with all of the beauty it is has to offer I wonder if Amanda Knox will ever truly want to return.


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