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J&J Snack Foods Employee Claims Job Termination Over Fake Penis

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by editor

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In this day and age, a company would logically be wiser than to fire any employee contemplating gender reassignment. A woman considering surgery to become a man claims J&J Snack Foods Corp--maker of frozen treats--is not quite so sweet. A female employee says she was fired over a fake penis.
45-year-old Pauline Davis has a civil rights lawsuit headed for federal court against New Jersey-based J&J Snack Foods Corp, a company that makes frozen sweets and snacks. The Pennsylvania woman says she was discriminated against, terminated from the company's plant near Scranton, Pennsylvania, where she was employed as a line inspector before being fired -- she says, over a fake penis. It's definitely not the first argument of discrimination against a female employee considering gender reassignment: With a slightly different twist, just months ago, Los Angeles international airport and LAX TSA made headlines in allegations of transgender discrimination.
And in most recent headlines is the Girl Scout calling a cookies boycott over transgender acceptance within troops.
A co-worker or two was apparently, personally, told about the prosthetic penis in confidence. Perhaps that confidence was misplaced. It seems an employee supposedly informed management about the fake penis -- and Davis alleges she was fired from her job over a device that didn't interfere with work. If allegations prove true, it's all more than a bit ridiculous over a bulge. Some people have rolls, and those can pop up in all kinds of places. Davis' lawyer argues the fake penis was concealed and "in no way interfered with her ability to do her job" -- all boiling down to gender-identity discrimination allegations. Reportedly J&J Snack Foods isn't talking and hasn't issued statement.
Certain things always prove true. There's always at least one jackass. And some men truly are insecure. Others are better not referred to as men. Amazingly some guys have no problem making issues so publicly known.


J&J Snack Foods Corp - Human Resources
6000 Central Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
United States
Phone: 800-486-9533
Fax: 856-663-8002
39° 55' 52.5432" N, 75° 4' 12.6516" W
J&J Snack Foods Corp - Consumer Relations
6000 Central Highway
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
United States
Phone: 800-486-9533 X6130
39° 55' 52.5432" N, 75° 4' 12.6516" W
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