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Twitter Tweets Communication Frees American Student Egypt

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by editor

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Well, isn't this guy lucky? The Egyptian translator left in jail, not so much. Fantastic that the American, Cal Berkeley, student helped himself be freed by Twitter via fast tweets. Good sense, using whatever communications possible during an emergency situation. Questionable sense in possibly aiding creation of an emergency situation that may have gone to a less serious level. Age 29 is not age 21. A student at Cal Berkeley. Really. Taking pictures in the Middle East, during a protest, in a country where you are not an Egyptian citizen (apparently much to benefit, or the get-out-of-jail free card never would have been an option), with what appears an obliviousness to societal mores, freedoms (or lack thereof), or imminent sense of danger.
Protests happen all over the world-and then there's reason for the adage about that straw that broke the camel's back (hmmm, sounds like the right part of the world even).
For Americans that are not aware: every foreign country does not operate in accordance with American beliefs or American freedoms. When tension is rising, sometimes there's reason to pass up a photo op. Mohamed, the translator left behind in Egyptian jail (and supposedly released by Egyptian authorities, though he can't be found), might agree.
"Technology got us into this, and I'm trying to use it to get us out, too," wrote Buck. Alert: unless technology is a blatant lack of common sense, technology didn't get you into it.


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