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Woman Crashes Car Into Building of Insurance Company Agent's Office

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by hearit

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Call it the one saving grace in dealing with a car accident: a Tampa, Florida, driver didn’t have to call her insurance company when her car ripped through the side of an office building – the building happened to be the insurance agent’s very own headquarters.
Tampa Fire Rescue aided the female driver, male passenger and the woman's 4-year-old boy at the scene. The Saab sedan had somehow been driven into the office at a good speed, successfully tearing a hole through the concrete walls of the Adrian Fernandez Insurance office building. The woman was fortunately insured, and more fortunately insured by an agent at the exact company office that she damaged with her car.
None of the Tampa area trio involved in the accident had any major injuries. Police are investigating the February crash.
Perhaps the oddest twist is that the same insurance company office, located on a straightaway road rather than a curve, has had no less than three car accidents at the location. Over the past decade, separate car drivers have struck and damaged the building at least three times.
Less strange, neither the Florida-based insurance company nor its agent has any desire to talk about the semi-consistent car accidents.


Adrian Fernandez Insurance, Inc.
6115 North Armenia Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604
United States
Phone: (813) 872-8481
28° 0' 11.3832" N, 82° 29' 2.7312" W
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