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Mascara Tattoo Makeup Mimic Melanoma for MRI Scans in Cancer Misdiagnosis

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by hearit

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Turns out beauty may be a beast for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Mascara with iron oxide or "permanent ink" -- tattoos of eyeliner or eyeshadow -- can pop up as a blotch that mimics melanoma skin cancer on MRI scans or tests.

An ingredient in mascara can throw off that pricey and necessary Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan. Iron oxide or metal content ingredients in make-up or permanent makeup tattoos can actually create a dark blotch in an MRI, messing with test results in possibly mimicking the looks of melanoma cancer. Even the doc can be fooled by the blotch.

Iron oxide is used in mascara to create pigmentation and add a shiny look to lashes. But iron oxide also creates a battle between the magnetic field used in MRI scans and metal content of makeup that, at least for some, can cause a scary medical concern with misdiagnosis of skin cancer.

The inked kind of make-up may prove the worst kind for medical machines, meaning MRI scan issues re not limited to lashes: Permanent tattoo eyeliner or eyeshadow "makeup" applications may actually rank worse than mascara for melanoma misdiagnosis on an MRI.

While misdiagnosis of melanoma is relatively rare for makeup wearers, experts warn patients should be aware of permanent tattoos or mascara that contains iron oxide when submitting to medical tests. When taking an MRI, skip on the makeup app altogether. Because good permanent tattoos appear to be regular makeup, remind doctors and medical testing centers that the permanent ink could be an issue -- before that expensive scan.

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