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Earl of Sandwich Restaurant Moves into Public Boston Common Bathroom

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by hearit

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In The News

Things may not move fast with government bodies but Boston has approved a controversial bathroom controversy that appeared as headlines about nine months ago -- a restaurant will be moving into a former public bathroom on Boston Common.

Dubbed the "Pink Palace," the bathroom on Boston Common was built in the 1920s and measures only 660 square feet, decent enough footage for a public restroom. Now a restaurant is moving in -- and the fact that the property hasn't been used as a public toilet in decades isn't necessarily cutting out the 'gross' factor.

Boston city government officials have agreed to a 15-year lease with restaurant Earl of Sandwich, a Florida-based sandwich shop.

Ironically, food purchased at the former restroom location will only be available for take-out -- perhaps answering the public's wary eye for eating in a bathroom.

Earl of Sandwich is slated to open in 2011 after "renovations". Boston Parks Department has issued statement that the project is a chance to preserve the historic mausoleum-like structure while bringing new life to the Common. If they're keeping those urinals, there's a reason for take-out.

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