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Boy Suspended for High Heels and Dress Worn to Washington School

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by copythat

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A 15-year-old, 9th-grader from Port Orchard, has been suspended from John Sedgwick Junior High School after the boy wore high heels and dress to his Washington public school. At least the shoes were a challenge laid down by his mother--the attire his own addition.
Sam Saurs told his mom that wearing high heels wouldn't be so difficult. Saurs' mother challenged him to a try out high heels, so the boy decided to up the ante and wear a dress in addition to the womens' shoes. But apparently neither the Washington state school or South Kitsap School District officials were amused -- or saw any right to freedom of speech.
After Saurs showed up at the public high school decked out in the womens' outfit, John Sedgwick Junior High School suspended the student -- for the entire rest of the school year. That was the initial penalty anyway.
The boy's suspension was later reduced by the junior high school -- to three days. But the junior high additionally barred the boy from his ninth grade dance and banned him from the class party at a local "Wild Waves" theme park. Apparently the South Kitsap School District of Washington believes the "issue" has been resolved -- or that's what it says anyway. The school district refuses any further comment.


South Kitsap School District
1962 Hoover Avenue NE
Port Orchard, WA 98366
United States
Phone: (360) 874-7000
Fax: (360) 874-7068
47° 31' 32.2644" N, 122° 37' 35.6808" W
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