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Drop 5 Years from Your Face in Minutes Using Your Makeup Bag

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by copythat

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In Style shows how to drop 5 years from your face in 5 minutes-using everything from your makeup bag. Easy tips that really work

1. Give your eyes a lift

So long, dark circles and droopy lids. When you swap smoky shadows and sooty pencils for a softer palette, tired eyes take on a decidedly youthful glow.

Rethink your concealer: Instead of applying it under the entire eye, start at the inner socket, and tap a peach-based shade to a point just underneath the center of the pupil, blending well to cancel out blue shadows. Don't use concealer on outer corners; it can accentuate crow's feet.

Skip the shadow: Define your crease with a pencil instead, in a shade slightly darker than your skin tone -- then smudge it. "You get the illusion of bigger eyes without the heavy look," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff.

Go nude: Trace your lower lash line with a flesh-toned pencil. "It's like eight hours of sleep in a liner," says makeup artist Paula Dorf.

2. Plump your lips

The perfect kisser is cushiony and plush with a whisper of color, not overly-inflated or sharply defined.

Pencil in a pout: Use a chubby tip in a neutral shade to trace the fullest version of your lips. Then blend with your fingertip to soften the edges.

Lighten up: Tiny shadows at the corners of your mouth can turn your smile upside down. Keep them under cover with a dot of concealer.

Go shiny: A bit of gloss on the center of your lower lip and cupid's bow gives the appearance of fullness. Try dusky pinks and soft toffee hues.

3. Get cheeky

Just because we weren't born with killer bone structure doesn't mean we can't fake it. Create the illusion of chiseled cheekbones and give your face a lift.

Start soft: A mousse primer smooths the skin's surface to help the flushed, dewy look stay put.

Add contour: Use two tones of cream blush. Swirl a rosy hue on the apples, then blend a swoosh of bronze below the cheekbones. The result: pretty definition and babylike fullness.

4. Make skin glow

Older complexions can look dull; youthful ones appear moist and even in texture. Look for formulas with light-diffusing particles and avoid powders, which can settle into fine lines and add decades.

Add shine: Skin that seems to glisten naturally usually involves a little artificial sparkle. Apply luminizer to cheek and brow bones and to the bridge of your nose. We like Chantecaille's for fair complexions and Modelco Luminosity Shimmer Whip in Bronze (Sephora) for olive and darker ones.

Stay hydrated: Treat dry patches with a refined face oil. Pati Dubroff swears by Rodin Olio Lusso, which "smells divine and gives skin instant luminosity."

Welcome matte: "Nothing is more aging than overly powdered skin," says makeup artist Molly Stern, who opts for mattifying primer instead. Try Smash-box's or Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing primer.

Keep it sheer: Apply foundation only where needed, and choose a formula that can be layered for more coverage.

5. Define your jawline

Why hide behind a chunky turtleneck when face-saving angles are only a powder away?

Slim fast: Using a fluffy brush, blend powder in a shade two hues deeper than your skin just below your chin.

Is your makeup aging you?
Some 'don'ts' to consider:

• Matte lipstick accentuates age lines in lips, creating a puckered effect.

• Yellow-based bronzer makes skin look sallow, not sun-kissed.

• Powder blush rarely delivers a youthful glow (unless it's loaded with shimmer).

• Retro eyeliner is cool, but not when you're trying to look younger.

• Mascara on your lower lashes tends to cast unflattering undereye shadows, so skip it.

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