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Scientists Find Way to Reverse Gray Hair Future Cure May Be in Bottle

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by hearit

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In The News

Gray hair has now literally been reversed in a breakthrough study: Scientists at New York University's (NYU) Langone Medical Center have identified the proteins involved with graying hair--turning mice to gray and back to dark again. It all means a future cure for humans and the battle against gray could be in a bottle.
Scientists already knew hair color is determined by stem cells guiding the development of hair follicles working with other -- color-producing -- stem cells known as melanocytes. NYU researchers have now isolated the wnt protein, which coordinates pigmentation between the two types of stem cells.
Scientists can now restore gray-haired mice back to their original color -- and, unfortunately for the mice, return them back to that gray color again.
It turns out mice and humans have a lot in common -- in terms of hair and melanocyte stem cells. Dr. Piul Rabbani, a dermatologist and the NYU Langone Medical Center in charge of the study on graying hair says scientists found that the wnt signaling path is activated in the same way for humans as it is in mice. And that's very, very good news. About half of U.S. women have about half a head of gray hair: The mice study means the wnt protein may be added to products or supplements, to help turn back that "gray hair" clock.
This breakthrough means that one day the wnt protein could be added to hair grooming products or supplements and help turn back the clock.
In what "Good Morning America" admits was a nonscientific experiment, the morning show featured a 61-year-old woman whose hair grayed at the age of 25. She supposedly posted two ads or profiles, on an online dating site: One showed her with gray hair, the other as a brunette. According to "Good Morning America", seventy-five men responded to the woman's online ad that showed her with gray hair, while 55 men responded to the photo of her as a brunette. The stats would seem to indicate that men are more attracted to gray hair than color.
But that seems to prove a very "non-scientific experiment" indeed: Men may discuss a preference of blondes versus brunettes or vice-versa, with definitely some redhead discussion thrown in the mix, but there's never been amped discussion about gray-haired women being more fun.


New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center
550 First Avenue
New York, NY 10016
United States
Phone: (212) 263-7300
40° 44' 31.5744" N, 73° 58' 28.56" W
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