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EZ Lube Takes Away Window Washing And Vacuuming Blames It On Customers

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by wombat

wombat's picture
In My Life

I went to EZ Lube for an oil change. They use to clean the windows and vacuum as part of the service like Jiffy Lube does. Not that they ever did the best job but it was nice to have the car vacuumed and windows cleaned in between washes.
After the typical journey out to the car where they try to sell you in services that you do not want or need I asked about the windows and carpet as I noticed they were not done.
The guys tells me we stopped doing it three months ago. When I asked why he said "it took too long." I decided to call Jiffy Lube corporate office and the guy on the phone tells me that they did a survey and that customers said it took too long and they would rather be in and out. Why does that sound so hard to believe? you mean to tell me they could not tell customers that they can opt out of those items if they are in a hurry.
You think that says anything about how slow they are? Jiffy Lube can do it so it's Jiffy Lube from now on. Sorry EZ Lube I would rather not deal with a company that provides BS instead of excellent prompt service.


EZ Lube
11827 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
United States
Phone: 310-479-4704
34° 2' 33.5508" N, 118° 27' 33.0948" W
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