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Nokia Company Address Contact Customer Service

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Want to find out how to get the Nokia company mailing address and can't seem to get that Nokia Siemens contact information? You, and other Nokia customers, are not alone. Nokia Siemens' physical address seems hidden well, even from customers specifically requesting the address and contact information from Nokia customer service. The company's address isn't found easily, not listed even on Nokia's own company website. And it seems Nokia's also done a good job of ensuring that address and physical location contact information won't be found easily in search engines either.
Whether a Nokia Siemens customer wants to complain, or even pay Nokia a compliment, the company's not giving out that information. At least not publicly. As wack as it is, here you'll find an example where Nokia is directly asked for the company address information and specifically refused the address. Nokia's not giving it up easily, even requiring the requestor to first ask other Nokia customers first to help resolve any cell phone problems, then instructing them to call Nokia customer service by telephone, and then maybe (just maybe) they'll get that Nokia address by phone.
Nokia Siemens isn't giving up that address info easily. Seems customers have to meet requirements for that kind of company contact info: specific requirements that seem along the lines of jumping through hoops. Generally speaking, customers usually don't like jumping through hoops. After dropping just under a grand on some of the priciest cell devices on the market, customers are typically even less inclined to feel like jumping through hoops.
Does it seem like Nokia's cell phone division, Nokia Siemens, doesn't want to hear from you, the customer? Whether you're a U.S. or European customer, it appears that's an accurate assumption. Lack of physical mailing address for Nokia Siemens, to what seems the extent of even hiding that physical address, seems no accident. The address isn't on Nokia's website. Nokia will try to pump you through its email contact form, first and foremost. So for customers buying a high-priced phone, like the N900, Nokia seems to be driving the frustration even higher.
To be amazed, read the attached screenshot of a Nokia Customer Service representative responding to an online customer thread on its own Nokia European website forum. The shot of this thread doesn't pertain to the newly-released N900, but rather a different cell model. The end result is the same, the information is still not to be found: while trying to find contact information for questions pertaining to the N900, what seems to be an effective hiding of contact information was discovered.
Screenshot's attached here in this wack as an image, the url to the Nokia Customer Service conversation is attached, and you'll find the text further down here.
If lucky enough, search engine results may pop up one of Nokia's Finland physical mailing addresses (that is if, and only if, using just the right keyword combination). You'll find one of Nokia's international addresses here, no corporate location in Finland. But obviously that Finland corporate address won't be doing Nokia's U.S. customers a lot of good.
Interesting, Nokia, that your company has no problem selling millions of dollars of cell phones and network technology with a massive customer base in the United States, yet the company doesn't seem to want to provide its customers address and direct contact information if there's a problem. Hmmm...
When customers are spending up to a grand on one of your cell phones, hiding the Nokia address from customers is more than a bit wack. And even more wack to have one of your customer service representatives admit that the company is effectively hiding contact/address information.
Here's the Nokia thread, and refusal to openly provide its address despite direct customer request and customer's specific question in title heading: "Re: What is Nokia's address, I need to complain!"
"Hi ****!

Unfortunately the [Nokia company] address is not advertised on our site. However, if it is an issue with the phone I am sure the community here will try very hard to help you out.

If you would prefer to speak with an agent at Nokia you can give them a quick call, they will be more than happy to help you out with any problem you might have.

If you are still unhappy, the agent will then be able to give you the address you need.

Seems Nokia doesn't want to hear your complaint. Note that the Nokia Customer Service representative first refers the customer to ask cell phone questions to other customers. Better yet, not only does Customer Service refuse to provide Nokia's mailing address but also does not provide Nokia's Customer Service telephone number even after specifically telling the customer "If you would prefer to speak with an agent at Nokia you can give them a quick call, they will be more than happy to help you out with any problem you might have.
So what exactly is that telephone number where the customer is supposed to reach that Nokia agent? The Nokia Customer Service representative doesn't make that easy, through providing the phone number. Keep in mind that the customer is already obviously unhappy to have made the post initially, and now the customer service rep is essentially telling the customer that he is required to now take yet one more step, and must contact Nokia Customer Service by telephone ("If you are still unhappy, the agent will then be able to give you the address you need."), before the customer has any chance of Nokia providing him the address he has specifically asked be provided.

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