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Victorias Secret Womens Tee Hails the New University of Michigan State

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by editor

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Victoria's Secret has never claimed official sports fan status. It just makes the stuff--or at least sells it. Apparently the lingerie specialist should stick to what it knows. Michigan State and the University of Michigan are two different schools--unless you ask Victoria's Secret. The clothing store has released a women's tee that seems to hail the new University of Michigan State. Or something like that.
It's a green women's tee that matches Michigan State in color and reads "Spartans: Hail to the Victors" -- appearing on the Victoria's Secret website for sale. The obvious problem: The printed version combines the Michigan State Spartans with the "Hail to the Victors" fight song of University of Michigan.
The supposed Michigan State tee was removed from the "Pink Collegiate Collection" part of the company's website after a CNBC reporter made the mix-up (very well) known. At least one in the media has speculated on whether the mix-up was truly error or publicity stunt. And perhaps Victoria's Secret can wonder the same of the paper that sparked that allegation -- after all, a reporter's gotta have something to report about. And it helps to have something different from what all those other media sources are citing. It also helps when it has to do (even slightly) with lingerie.
If it was publicity stunt on behalf of Victoria's Secret, it'd be a pretty pointless one. The company isn't exactly selling more tees because of it. About all that would accomplish is an affirmation of the idea that women know nothing about sports -- and are dumb enough to buy a tee that proves it. It's not exactly a great idea to make fun of your own customers.
The piece of clothing was no longer available shortly after its release, but obviously not because of sell-out. The green article clothing went up, and then came down -- the same day after its debut last week after reporter Darren Rovell brought the goof to the forefront.
Apparently he was a gentleman about it -- notifying the store right away about the Victoria's Secret error. And then he was a guy about it -- sending a public tweet right away about the Victoria's Secret error.

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