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USPS Postal Worker Carrier Caught Defecating in Oregon Owners Yard

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Don Derfler's own wife didn't believe him when said the USPS mail carrier for their route was defecating in their yard, on their property -- in full view of a front window where he and his son were sitting. He's got pictures.
Derfler ended up with a front-and-center viewing in Portland, Oregon, babysitting his son during the day when noticing the postal worker through his family's living room window : "He [the USPS postal carrier] started pulling his pants down and started defecating, and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures.".
Officials with the U.S. Postal Service say they are "disheartened and disappointed" by the postal worker incident. That and probably extremely embarrassed. "We're taking this very seriously, and I really want to apologize to our customers and to the public. I've worked for the Postal Service for many years and have never heard of an incident like this, and I hope I never do again," claims Ron Anderson with U.S. Postal Service in his statement to KGW.
A neighbor says postal inspectors may have already cleaned up "evidence" -- confronting several men in suits who arrived on-scene at the Georgia owner's property. "I told them it's not normal to be wandering around someone's house, especially when they are away at work. He told me, 'It's OK, we're postal inspectors,'" a neighbor told Portland's KGW.
"This is how they respect our property?," questioned Oregon homeowner Derfler. "It's just not right, and it's also a biohazard."
It may be a crime but don't think the postal worker's fired -- apparently not even in the most dire situations cause that reaction with the postal service: the USPS carrier is simply on unpaid leave or temporary suspension. Never mind the fact that it's a biohazard.

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