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Sal Esposito Cat Called Juror Jury Duty Court Boston

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by editor

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In The News

Sal Esposito-an East Boston cat-is called to duty as a juror. Jury duty remains Sal's role, jury commision's slated the cat for court appearance.
That would make Sal the juror you don't (or possibly may) want, depending on your local jury pool of available jurors.
Guy Esposito, Sal's owner (or father), said he told the family's pet: “I said, Sal, what’s this? You know, I don’t believe it, I was shocked.”
The cat has mutual shared custody between Guy and Anna Esposito, whom believe source of the error is due to Census forms turned in at most recent Census. On that Census, Anna Esposito listed Sal's name under 'pets' on the form.“I just wrote ‘Sal Esposito’, scratched out the ‘dog,’ and wrote ‘cat,’” said Anna. Good thing the government was on top of that one. Hopefully no one steals Sal's identity, now that he's come into being, or starts applying for credit cards illegally in his name. It certainly opens up a world of possibility for Sal.
Looks like the legal system was no more on top of the situation than government, with the Espositos attempting to remedy the incorrect jury duty situation, but to no avail. Courts may claim they've 'heard it all before', or that Sal's situation is unbelievable. And unbelievable it is. If Boston's Suffolk Superior Court wishes to save embarassment, now is probably the most likely time, before Sal's scheduled March Court appearance.
Considering his 'cat' status, Anna Esposito has tried to file for Sal’s disqualification from jury duty service. Unfortunately the jury commissioner remains unmoved from Sal's (or his parents') argument, with Sal's removal from jury duty status request denied to date.
Sal, the cat, is due to report for jury duty service date at Suffolk Superior Court on March 23, 2010. Suffolk Superior Court hasn't issued statement to the news or media as of yet, though the court may avoid doing so. Anna Esposito says that if the issue isn’t cleared up before Sal's scheduled court date appearance, she'll simply have to bring Sal into court. Good luck getting Sal past court security clearance-hopefully the court won't mistakenly issue warrant for the cat's arrest in missing any required court appearance.

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