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Man Caught Having Sex With and Abusing Miniature Horse Alabama

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by editor

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If sexual abusers are hated in prison, the question is just how hated a man, behind bars, will be when inmates find out he’s sexually abused a horse--had sex with a defenseless, miniature female horse.
Police discovered the restrained miniature horse when law enforcement was called to a horse breeding facility that specializes in pint-sized horses. Sexual abuse of the miniature horse was disturbingly discovered and verified when police deputies were called over the weekend, Saturday afternoon, out to a home on Wilmer Road which doubles as a breeding facility for miniature horses. Police say the owner of the female animal had noticed the horse to be acting strangely. The mini horse’s owner and police deputies discovered actual horse tail hair tied to a post, indicating someone had tried to tie the animal’s tail to the wooden post but had been unsuccessful.
A veterinarian additionally discovered blood and other evidence at the scene—leaving no doubt that the mini horse had been sexually abused.
The wallet of Eric Steven Easley was allegedly discovered nearby the miniature horse—with personal belongings containing the 27-year-old man’s Alabama state driver’s license and Social Security card found at the Mobile residence. It’s currently unclear as to how Easley is related to any part of the breeding facility—whether as an employee, or completely unknown person to the breeders and mini horse breeding facility.
Easley’s been arrested and charged in relation to sexual abuse of the horse—currently, police are pressing law enforcement’s only Felony legal option: the Felony crime of “killing or disabling livestock”. That particular Felony is specifically being used as the only way to obtain justice for the abused, miniature girl, in a city where local sex abuse laws of Mobile, Alabama, do not include bestiality. The man accused of sexual abuse of the miniature female horse was processed and charged with the crime, at Mobile County Metro Jail (Alabama) near 7 p.m. Tuesday, following the gruesome discovery and evidence found at the scene by police.
Easley was released from the Mobile, Alabama, jail on $4,000 bail within two hours after his arrest, providing Mobile County Metro Jail officials with an address on Saturn Drive-a home roughly two miles north of where the miniature horse was kept.
Based on public reaction in Mobile, the man better watch his back while he’s out on bail. It’s hard to say where he’ll be hated more, or be less safe—after perverse sexual abuse of harmless, defenseless animal. The Miniature Horse can’t take an “eye” but is probably surely wishing that she could—that, or another specific body part. There just might be people willing to take those body parts on her behalf.
Creepy bastard.


Mobile County Metro Jail
510 South Royal Street
Mobile, AL 36603
United States
Phone: (251) 574-2423
30° 40' 46.5528" N, 88° 2' 25.2672" W
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