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Headed for Ripley's at 2.5 Lbs Nancy is First Sheepherding Chihuahua Dog

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There's one dog truly like no other. Nancy the chihuahua's headed for "Ripley's Believe it or Not" with some unheard-of sheepherding skills proven on video. She's an unlikely "bully"--weighing in at just 2.5 pounds--but Nancy's proving one mighty canine who's literally an expert in her field.
She also kind of thinks she's a Border Collie.
Maybe she thinks there was a mix-up at the orphanage: At just three weeks old, Nancy was hand-raised by the head of canine welfare training at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home animal shelter -- Ms Ali Taylor, who then adopted the tiny chihuahua-turned-sheepherder.
It seems to have been destiny. Or good friendships. Taylor says Nancy "used to watch all her Border Collie friends herd the sheep and she seemed very interested in what was going on."
Chihuahuas tend to believe they're bigger than they are. Perhaps Nancy believes she's a Border Collie.
"One day I decided to give her [Nancy] a whirl in the ring and she picked it up straight away." The animal charity's leader says "it quickly became evident that Nancy has natural ability and loves herding sheep."
It all goes to prove, you just never know where true talents may lie. It also goes to prove that animal rescues make some of the best pets possible: Nancy's owner says the chihuahua herds sheep for fun and "to prove that rescue dogs really can do anything. At Battersea we rehome a lot of dogs to working homes, such as with farmers, in the armed forces and as assistance dogs. People sometimes underestimate rescue dogs, but they really are fantastic, and go on to do amazing things.”
Local Surrey-area farmer Geoff Temple says the canine is "amazing after seeing her in action -- and that in his 17 years in sheepherding he's "never seen a Chihuahua work sheep." The farmer says: "I now train other people and their dogs and see about 15 people a week, and almost without exception they are all Border Collies. Nancy really is something special -- she’s a fun-size sheep herder."
It's not all talk: Nancy's got video proof of those sheepherding skills.
While a pup just over two pounds takes control of an entire herd, there's a larger breed on the other end of the spectrum, that's not so good with what are supposed to be natural skills: Ci's a Border Collie -- but he's not so great at herding sheep. Unfortunately for Ci, the "herd" herds him.
It all means a bit of a problem for Ci and for what should be his pre-destined line of work as a sheepherder: Video footage shows one scared Collie who may hold the record for the biggest fear of sheep. But what's a Collie to do, really? That's an awfully thuggish-looking gang of sheep.


Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
4 Battersea Park Road
London SW8 4AA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01784 432929
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