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Chase British Airways Mileage Credit Card Limit Lowered

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Chase Bank reduced status level for its fee-paid British Airways airline mileage credit card and additionally reduced credit card limits, twice in one-week timeframe, regardless of excellent cardholder history of many years.

Chase Bank (part of JP Morgan) lowered maximum available credit limits on for spending on a single account, twice, only one week apart. Account is for a Chase Bank Visa Signature card for accruing airline mileage related to British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer account.  The Visa Signature card credit card is among the most elite tier issued with the Visa name, above the Platinum level, and carries perks similar to the American Express Gold Card. Perks include things like express entry to events, advance ticket availability, preferred seating, etc. The British Airways branded Credit Card (issued by Chase Bank) carries a significant annual cardmember fee, because it is a frequent flyer mileage-earning credit card and has other included perks or benefits. British Airways Executive Club frequent flyer members receive one mile for every dollar spent using the Chase/British Airways credit card, and using the card automatically keeps airline mileage active without normal mileage expiration.
Chase Bank Removes Visa Signature Status, in place for years:
The British Airways Executive Club Mileage Credit Card is available for different credit levels of card holders, Visa Signature being the highest level tier. Cardholder account was charged the annual Visa Signature tier fee by Chase Bank. Shortly after the fee was charged to the cardholder account, written notice was sent from Chase Bank which stated new changes to the account had taken effect immediately. Those changes (removal of Visa Signature status included) took effect prior to the end of the Signature member year fee charged to the account by Chase. Essentially the higher annual cardmember fee was charged to the account for Signature tier level, but the level was changed and lowered by Chase, far prior to the annual cardmember term ending. The other tier levels for British Airways Credit Cards by Chase carry lower membership fees, but this account pays the highest fee on the tier (Signature level).  The Chase notice, sent as a letter, stated Signature status had been removed. This removal was occurring despite the fact there were no late or missed credit card payments or poor history. Essentially Chase charged the highest membership fee related to its British Airways Executive Club accounts, then took away Signature status.
Chase Bank Reduces Credit Limit the first time:
Simultaneously the British Airways branded credit card limit, for the same Chase Bank account, has also been reduced by hundreds because it is no longer considered a Signature status level card. Primary reason for opening the credit card account initially, for an account with significant annual fee, was rewards included with the card such as advance ticket sales, seats, etc.  Chase removed Signature status despite excellent customer history.
Chase Bank Reduces Credit Limit second time, again, one week later:
In a letter from Chase Bank (part of JP Morgan), dated one week after the first Chase Bank drastic limit reduction to the British Airways mileage-related credit card, a second letter was received: the newest letter stated my account balance limit had again been lowered, now by another $800 less than it had been the week before. The credit card hadn’t even been used during receipt of the first and second letters, nor during the surrounding timeframe. Chase Bank lowered the limit, for a single British Airways Mileage Credit Card account always maintained in good status, twice in the duration of one week.
Chase Bank USA, N.A., is part of Chase JPMorgan JP Morgan.


Chase Bank JP Morgan
270 Park Avenue Floor 12
New York, NY 10017-7924
United States
40° 45' 20.52" N, 73° 58' 30.7848" W
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