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American Express Amex Lost Credit Cards No Phone Call

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by editor

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Lose a wallet with an Amex credit card and have that lost card info called into American Express by a kind and ethical citizen--who never charged a penny to the card--but don't expect Amex to reward its own customer with any courtesy telephone call. It seems that extends beyond the company's touted services.
American Express apparently doesn't see fit to call or notify its account holders/customers who lose their card, or have an entire wallet picked up by someone courteous enough to immediately notify the credit card. According to Amex, it's got a reason -- supposedly, security.
So, let's get this straight, Amex: an account holder's own credit card company is not calling its very own customer/cardholder ... because that person somehow poses a threat to his own security?
Since Amex touts customer service, does it not seem reasonable that one of its services includes notifying its cardholder of the fact that a kind citizen has notified the company of a found wallet or purse? Protecting security? Or, rather, pure laziness?

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