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Jesus Christ Juror Dismissed Criminal Court Jury Duty

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by editor

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In The News

Jesus Christ got called: to jury duty-but isn't serving in Alabama. Maybe the 'killing' portion prompted her name change to Jesus Christ from Lola Killingworth.
When the appointed Jesus Christ arrived to perform that jury duty, the Birmingham lady was directed to Judge Clyde Jones' courtroom for a criminal case set for trial in December. The 59-year-old Jesus Christ was excused from jury duty, due to court disruption and (not quite unlike the figure of Jesus) a repeated asking of questions. Unfortunately Christ didn't want to answer a lot of questions.
AP reports that Sandra Turner, Court administrator, said that other potential jurors laughed out loud when Jesus Christ's name was called as a juror. But Turner said Christ didn't try to get out of jury duty and was "perfectly happy to serve" in the Alabama Court. Unfortunately, for Christ, it seems the Birmingham Court didn't feel the same way.

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