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BT British Telecom Angry Phone Customer Service Video

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Seems communications telephone provider British Telecom (BT) is on par with U.S. service, in unwanted landline phone calls and what many customers consider poor customer service.
Seems the receiving end of this unsolicited BT customer phone call was not too happy about having dinner, or any other activity, interrupted by British Telecom. Of course it's not just England suffering from phone call blues-those in the U.S. well understand receiving unwanted phone solicitations from communications companies like Verizon, AT&T or Time Warner Cable.
The attached, wack YouTube video contains explicit language used by an angry British Telecom (BT) customer in his one-minute telephone tirade with a BT rep, so turn down the volume if you've got young 'uns-unless of course they've heard your own previous phone calls with British Telecom customer service representatives (or U.S. communications equivalents like Verizon, AT&T or Time Warner).
If you thought you were an angry or upset customer, maybe this video will give a new perspective or shed some light on being irate with phone call soliciations. The BT phone representative is a bit shaken-though it seems the audio call log must have been derived from British Telecom, or one of its representatives, as the source-where it ended up on YouTube.


British Telecom (BT)
81 Newgate Street
London, LND EC1A 7AJ
United Kingdom
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