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“Smart” renovation ideas for your bathroom

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Renovations don’t have to be big, messy productions. Some renovations might making small tweaks that just make your home more comfortable. With today’s technology, there’s a gadget for practically everything, even the fixtures in your bathroom. Here are some suggestions for making your bathroom a “smart” bathroom from USA Today writer Nancy Blair.

Bluetooth shower speaker

If you haven’t heard, waterproof shower speakers are the “in” thing these days. No more danger of shock from having your radio too close to the water or risking water damage to your mobile device because you tried to keep it within arm’s reach of the shower door.
Instead, you can choose from a huge variety of shower speakers ranging in price from $20 to $200. Some hang from the showerhead, some suction to the wall, and some are even installed in the ceiling fan and automatically connect with your device whenever it’s within reach (and it’s wired to the fan so you don’t have to recharge it).
Whatever speaker you choose, remember that you’ll likely get what you paid for (i.e. don’t expect great sound quality or longevity from the $20 versions).

Smart power outlets

Have a habit of leaving your flat iron or curling iron plugged in when you leave the house? That’s one way installing smart power outlets can relieve your mind. Though a little tricky to install (some knowledge of wiring required), they are handy because you’ll be able to switch them on or off with a simple app installed on your phone. Another similar option: smart light switches. If your kids are forever leaving the bathroom light on when they leave for school, you can turn it off remotely from wherever you are.

No-plug night lights

One of the big drawbacks of nightlights is the fact that they take up one of the precious few power outlets you have in your bathroom. Most likely, they get unplugged so someone can use the outlet and then lie on the counter for several days before being plugged in again. A new kind of night light, however, is built into the bottom of your outlet faceplate (leaving the two outlets free), and it has a light sensor, so you don’t have to turn it on or off manually. And you don’t have to do any fancy wiring—it draws its power from metal screws built into the faceplate.

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