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830 Scrabble Player Highest Game Scores Record Set

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by editor

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So, since these two Scrabble players don't deem themselves Scrabble Experts, their highest scores in the game should not be considered a record? :
"If they weren't really trying to win," an intermediate-level [Scrabble] player named Mike Eldeiry wrote on the Crossword Games-Pro message board, "then can we really consider it our [Scrabble] record? Fun, yeah. Neat, sure. Promotable, why not? But record, ummmmmmmm, I don't know."
You don't know?
"Eldeiry told me the game reminded him of a 600-foot batting-practice home run. If [Scrabble] experts always shot for the moon, he said, "I think they'd have cracked 850 by now. But they'd have lost a lot of games in the process."
So, because Scrabble "experts" don't want to take risks because a game might be lost "in the process," all non-experts (even though they've obtained higher scores, so apparently have done something correctly in the game) should not be considered for setting the game record? hmmm....

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