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San Diego UCSD Student Chooses Bikini Until Missing Chihuahua Dog Found

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by editor

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It's hard to garner attention in a world filled with noise and distractions--but one woman is aware that partial nudity gets a message across. She just seems a bit confused as to the message. But she's going on a hunger strike and forbidding clothing, from a California street corner, until her lost Chihuahua returns home. There is one problem: The dog may be less lost than stolen.
Fortunately she lives in a sunny, warm area in the San Diego, California, area. Unfortunately it's been a little less warm than usual for bikini weather -- hitting lows of 50 degrees while Arlene Mossa Corona has donned a bikini and relegated herself to holding a sign including photos of of her missing dog "Chispita". It was all going down at the busy and heavily-trafficked intersection of La Jolla Village Drive and Genesee Avenue, the dog gone missing right before the Thanksgiving holiday.
The San Diego-area student says she tried everything to find her missing dog before apparently coming to the conclusion that a well-shaped, or well-endowed, body might get more attention than alternate methods. The California woman tried contacting the local pound or animal control. No word on whether the dog was micro-chipped, but apparently she tried. When that didn't work, she moved on to the next most reasonable idea--contacting a pet psychic. It seems neither idea panned out. That's when the obvious choice apparently came to mind: Getting rid of clothing and refusing to eat.
Arlene Corona apparently skipped Thanksgiving dinner along with other meals, claiming a swimsuit in 50-degree weather and not eating -- until she finds her dog -- the option left available to her.
The girl may not have found her dog yet but apparently has discovered part (or all) of her 15 minutes of fame -- along with finding honks, whistles and cat-calls. In an all-American theme, the swimsuit that appeared streetside was completed with red heels, a white bikini top and blue bottom. Somewhere along the way it appears the message has been scrambled. Corona then claimed her choice to wear the nation's colors is to represent the military's homecoming. She may be on that street corner for awhile.
But if the La Jolla girl's dog isn't coming home, she's at least created an arrival to look forward to -- though the correlation remains kind of unclear, but seems to be working in garnering attention.
Reportedly a maintenance worker at the student's San Diego county (CA) apartment claims he witnessed a girl take the chihuahua. That, of course, means the dog may be less 'lost' than stolen. But the woman seems to believe that -- if her dog was stolen -- the person who took it may be too afraid to return the pup to its rightful owner. Of course. That's how stolen jewelry so frequently ends up in pawn shops or melted down. Whoever stole the property is just too afraid to bring it back. It's beautiful thinking.


San Diego, CA
United States
32° 42' 55.1844" N, 117° 9' 26.118" W
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