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Hershey Cemetery Seeking Home for Cocoa the Boa Snake Crashes Funeral Service

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A six-foot Boa Constrictor is up for adoption and looking for a new home. It's hard to find a taker for a loving cat that's even barely past the cutest stage of kitten-hood -- so an adult snake may be a bit hard to place. Especially one from a funeral home. But she's from Hershey, aptly named 'Cocoa'.
As it turns out, Hershey is not just the land of chocolate. A Boa, now dubbed 'Cocoa,' and discovered in the famous city of Pennsylvania, is looking for a new soulmate. Or at least someone willing to house her. If anyone's interested, Cocoa enjoys dinners by moonlight and long 'walks' at the cemetery.
Her background is a little unusual. The Boa named Cocoa found herself in an odd location a few months ago. It seems the female snake kind of crashed a funeral -- an uninvited guest at a service on the Hershey Cemetery grounds in Pennsylvania. Apparently the snake wasn't feeling so hot. Perhaps it was all the embalming fluid. Whatever the reason for her distress, 'Cocoa' has now been nursed back to health and is ready for adoption, says the Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary.
There have been more unusual animals up for adoption, like the 1000 rats found in Los Angeles (CA) after an episode of 'Hoarders' revealed discovery of the rodents while filming its TV show.
Rats may not be pretty, but at least the creatures have fur. Adopting out those with scales can be a bit harder for people who 'foster.'
Police aren't sure who abandoned the female Boa, but law enforcement believes the snake was dumped after a previous owner was unable to care for the reptile. Cat and dog owners who abandon their pets tend to leave their animals at parks--where people will readily find the creatures. Abandoned reptiles tend to get different treatment: Just months ago, a six-foot Burmese Python was discovered on top of an Ohio garbage truck. As to the choice of location where Cocoa the Boa was left, it's a little unclear why a previous owner may have considered a funeral home a perk. Maybe it's the bizarre factor of it all.
According to Forgotten Friend, Cocoa "has a very sweet disposition and has been eating lots of frozen rats" since her arrival. While fresh may be better, apparently frozen will do. Maybe that fact is supposed to serve as a great selling point for those looking to own -- knowledge that a new owner can bypass the caveman routine and whalloping that rat to drag home for dinner. A glamour shot photo of 'Cocoa' the boa and availability for adoption can be viewed here, where the 'beauty' poses against a hedge of greenery.
On a separate note, there's rumor a Pennsylvania cemetery is now offering stunning backgrounds for glamour shots.


Hershey Cemetery
100 E Mansion Road
Hershey, PA 17033
United States
Phone: (717) 520-1110
40° 17' 25.4508" N, 76° 38' 38.0688" W
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