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Bikini Wearing Dog Owner Finds Stolen Chihuahua as Student Reports School Nurse

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The bikini-wearing student in San Diego--whose dog went lost before Thanksgiving--is now reunited with missing chihuahua "Chispita". The swimsuit definitely brought awareness. But a high school student named Daniel played savior in the dog's return. A La Jolla Country Day School teacher and high school nurse named "Julia" may have played the opposite role.
Whether she's a UCSD or California State University at San Marcos student, differing per media outlet, it appears Arlene Corona's actions were in fact smart. That bikini did pay off. The lack of clothing and food may not have encouraged someone who may have been afraid to return the dog to actually do it, as Corona reportedly intended -- but the 'bikini-wearing-on-a-street-corner concept' over the lost or stolen San Diego chihuahua did certainly draw attention to the pet's upset owner, and awareness of the pup's missing status in the So Cal locale.
Actually that awareness spread all the way to Los Angeles and even some other parts of the country. That awareness also apparently spread to the commonly-oblivious population known as high school students -- and a specific La Jolla one that knew the chihuahua gone missing. Those students also knew the dog when they saw it.
High school students notice a lot. Taking an animal to school-slash-work isn't the wisest decision if you happen to have a well-known, missing pet in possession.
"Chispita" wasn't microchipped. Corona promises that will change after the lost dog incident. But in this case it wouldn't have mattered. Microchips tend to help lost dogs not stolen ones -- where someone doesn't actually want to turn the lost pet back to its rightful owner. Fortunately for the San Diego student, this "lost" dog was turned in for its rightful owner.
It may have happened before Thanksgiving but it's only just ending now as the bikini-wearing Arlene Corona has finally gotten her (obviously stolen) dog back home. In the strange scenario that eventually unfolded, appearances say the Southern-California shelter in Carlsbad -- where the dog was returned unharmed -- served as a 'drop-off point' of sorts. Perhaps that was to avoid any potential assault and battery charges.
If a promise to wear only a bikini and self-imposed hunger strike weren't odd enough, the way the dog got returned is even more bizarre. One passing driver claimed to have the dog. But he didn't send a photo of the missing "Chispita" when Corona contacted him. He did send a pic of his genitalia.
Arlene Corona had a lot to endure during that swimsuit-wearing ordeal but, in the end, all that exposure to both 50-degree weather and catcalls from men did finally provide the big win.
A San Diego-area high school student apparently contacted Corona's mother to alert her that the dog was safe -- and the chihuahua was also apparently very visible. Reportedly that high school boy persuaded the woman who ended up with "Chispita" to return the dog to its owner. Reportedly, students had tried to get the school nurse to return the chihuahua to its real home. Finally, one boy at the school phoned the media -- with notification of the dog's new existence.
Allegedly a school teacher and school nurse are involved -- women both employed at La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego County, a private college prep educational facility for students grades 3-12 in Southern California. La Jolla Country Day claims a commitment to character with a promise to "prepare our students for lifetime of personal growth, social responsibility and intellectual exploration" along with the claim that the school regards "development of good character" as important as academic pursuits. And the school seems to have done a great job with its students. It's just a couple of employees who may not have those same pillars in place.
As to who physically turned the dog into a Carlsbad shelter is unknown -- or, at least, technically unidentified. The "lost" dog was reportedly left during shelter closure on a Monday. Corona's mother claims she'd already gone to the school and talked with both the teacher before the dog popped up as officially returned -- employees identified with a surname of Bane, and the school's nurse named "Julia" -- but that the nurse denied knowing anything about the missing chihuahua. Reportedly students became witnesses and there's accusation a teacher lured the dog before later giving the chihuahua to the nurse.
As it turns out, Corona's apartment super or maintenance man seems to have been right when he said he saw a woman take the dog near La Jolla over one week ago. It all begs the question as to why, if it's not occurring, no prosecution has begun over the missing chihuahua.
Corona's mom Arlene Ochoa posted a public Facebook announcement, celebrating the dog's return home and chiding those who appear to be responsible, with the status: “Finally our lives are back to ‘normal,’ this past two weeks have been very hard. “I’m appalled that a [high school] student called me and urged Ms Bane and Julia [the school nurse] to return the dog, what a great kid teaching two ‘adults’ a lesson! I love you Daniel!!!”
We love Daniel -- and the involved students who chose to do the right thing. Wacktrap is a social network that connects people through experience and the stuff in the news that matters -- to you. Tell your story on Wacktrap and meet the people who matter. If you love Daniel and those students, make it known. As for us, we've never named a hero -- but La Jolla Country Day School kids are our heroes of the week.


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