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Teach Your Kids the Art of Giving This Holiday Season

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by Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller's picture
In My Life

There is no be better time than the holiday season to teach your children the art of giving. It doesn’t take much to show them what charity is all about. Consider taking your children on an outing to purchase a small toy that can be donated to a child in need. Explain to them what you are doing and why. You can then complete the outing by taking the toy to one of the many Toys for Tots Locations around. Most fire stations in your community will accept the donations on behalf of Toys For Tots.
A small gesture can teach your children a valuable lesson about charity and kindness. This gesture does not have to cost much either, you can purchase a small toy at many discounters and popular stores like Target and Walmart for $5.00. Just think, that is just about the price of a Large Holiday drink at Starbucks and yet, it is $5.00 that will pay dividends in your child’s life and someone in need. If you don’t have children this exercise is great do do with yourself or with any child in your life you care to impact.
The giving spirit is not relegated to those that celebrate Christmas. Most Synagogues, Mosques and other house of worship will gladly accept can goods and other items like clothing. If you are looking to donate food, Feeding will help you find a local food bank in your area. It really is so simple yet so profound. Doing good makes us feel good, I guarantee that you too will feel a spark of that holiday magic yourself.

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