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Woman Stabbed During Court Ordered Anger Management Class

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A fellow student is stabbed--multiple times--by a 19-year-old woman and fellow student in an anger management class. Apparently she didn't appreciate the suggestion of giving the court-related class' video "a chance". Not surprisingly, prior assault charges in an unrelated case were already pending.
The violent assault occurred, literally, while a video on anger management was rolling. Police say Faribah Maradiaga walked into a class at Bellevue College in Washington state—when she began complaining about the video. A standard college course it was not--Bellevue college says the classroom was rented by a court services agency. The stabbing victim, another student, apparently made the mistake of telling the complaining woman "to give it [the anger management video] a chance." Words were then exchanged, when Maradiaga then pulled out a knife with a 3-inch blade, stabbing the other student multiple times.
Bellevue police say Maradiaga "blew up out of control" and stabbed her classmate's arm and shoulder multiple times after the initial verbal argument. Maradiaga—responsible for the stabbing--already has a pending assault charge within the court system. Thus the court-ordered anger management classes, seemingly ineffective.
She is also accused of threatening to kill the other woman's family after stabbing the other student—Maradiaga’s rationale being that the stabbing victim "threatened her first". Never threaten an angry woman: it could warrant a stab—or two, or three.
Fortunately for all, everyone is alive following the assault. In hindsight--at least for those running a court-related program--might it be a good idea for an anger management class to possibly check enrolled “students” for weapons? Concert promoters seem to believe a weapons-check to be a good idea, based on less than "priors".
The accused is currently held on $50,000 bail related to the most current assault charge. That arraignment’s arriving shortly, October 25, just prior to the holiday season--traditionally the most stressful time of year for people. Happy Holidays.

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