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Comcast Cable Website Claims Improved Customer Service

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by editor

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In The News

An irony that the Comcast Cable website feeds in News articles related to its cable company, showing not just the good but possibly the ugly? Or is it some marketer's ingenious plan to appear unbiased by including the negative News?
The Comcast website states "Check out some recent news articles to learn more about the work we’ve been doing to constantly improve the customer experience, and to see how some of our company-wide efforts are beginning to make a difference." Perhaps Comcast Cable might pay closer attention to actual feedback comments left by its customers on those articles.
You can tell customers how great you are all day long but if they're not actually feeling that same experience of change you're boasting about, it tends to look ridiculous.


Comcast Cable
1500 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-2148
United States
39° 57' 9.8604" N, 75° 9' 59.5224" W
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