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Quick Cuts at Great Clips Chop Shop

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by Visitor

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In My Life

I am ex employee who thought anyone getting services from a great clips ( chop shop ) should know that the owners of the places care about one thing and one thing only, thats an 11 min hair cut time. they doint care if it is any good or if you are happy their policy and procedure books claim otherwise,yet I never saw anyone get terminated or even written up for not using the mirror or any other 1 of their bs 5 steps, I was written up and suspended. for a slow haircut time. they threatened to fire me if i didnt bring down my 17.8 min time. I think they also insult the customers by charging $62 for shampoo haircut blow dry and flat iron. I have never charged so much in my 20 yrs experience . I believe this is to discourage you from having these services done,I could no longer take it and quit yesterday if you dont care if your treated like a part in an assembly then keep going to these bull s**t hair shops


Great Clips Corporate
4400 West 78th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55435
United States
Phone: 800-999-5959
44° 52' 32.2104" N, 93° 20' 5.532" W
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