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Votivo Tester Candles Sold on Ebay for More Than The Retail Price

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by venusrising

venusrising's picture
In My Life

Today I was looking to buy some Votivo candles since I have used them all up and they make your house smell amazing. I decided to look on eBay as I have purchased them there before and was wondering if I could find a bit of a deal before I went to or Nordstrom. What I found was crazy, candles selling for more than retail that are not even new in the box. Why would anyone in their right mind purchase Votivo Sample Tester Candles on Ebay that have "tester" printed on the glass (which is ugly) for more than the retail value? The seller 6packcandles is trying to sell Votivo candles for $24.95 plus $8.95 shipping. You can get these candles brand new in the box from for $25.00. The Votivo candles are expensive by some standards but smell so amazing that they are well worth the price. Jo Malone also makes amazing candles, those too are worth the price. A nice candle can really make your home feel happy and peaceful and add a little bit of luxury.
eBay used to be a place to find great items at a great price, now it is filled with so much junk it is unbelievable. Ebay was once the web darling that made online buying and selling fun. It has since turned to sad mess and they would be wise to bring back some of the fun and variety that made eBay special in the past. I still shop on eBay for miscellaneous like cell phone cases and other weird items items you cannot find in the store easily but more often than not I go to Amazon or the retailer directly.

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