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Google Drops Apple Celebrates Animation

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by editor

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The first animated logo in Google history, Google's website features the animation of a bright red apple (no relation to Jobs' Apple), flirting with gravity, and in January 4 celebration of Sir Isaac Newton's birthday.
A bit o' feedback, Google, while the falling apple creates a wonderful surprise for search engine users, one might (especially when slightly tired) perceive those beautiful apples as instead cherries. Thinking Washington and that cherry tree fable, 'til realized the timeframe was really off for that event. Perhaps the Google designer was going for crabapples? The perspective between that tree branch, those hanging apples, and the Google letters tends to convey a Google logo of about 3 stories tall.
Though the falling app is not in celebration of the Apple company, happy iPhone mobile phone customers are excited to see the dropping app working gravity on their mobile phones, in 'Classic' mode. Tweets began flying shortly after midnight when the Google apple first dropped.
Assuming Google got it right, which it tends to do frequently, the apple should correctly display on most current mobile phones smartphones and mobile phones. The falling app was designed using javascript, and unless Flash is involved, most mobiles or cell phones won't revolt.
The apple is also falling on the newest phones and devices like Nokia's N900 internet tablet, but then the N900 device can't seem to stay out of headlines. With the N900'sbeautiful screen resolution that doubles that of Apple's iPhone, those hanging apples are even more gorgeous yet.


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United States
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